Update the latest software for your streaming device

Software’s and drivers becomes the preliminary requisite for using Roku streaming device. It is important to update the device with latest software or else your streaming process will get interrupted


Select the best Roku device software and latest models that always arrive with operating system version 9

Let us have a quick review of the latest software’s available to use with your Roku device and the ways to update it

  • To perform the software update select the Roku streaming device
  • Carry on with the steps to connect the Roku device to the network
  • If your device is new it will automatically start downloading the software
  • For new software update, you can go to the settings >system >system update
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Unable to update the Roku device software

It is common that you may come across errors updating the software for your device

  • The internet connection that you use must be secure and active. Choose the option, wireless and you can get better download speed
  • Before you start updating the software manually check if you download the latest version
  • In case if the software version is old uninstall the software and install it once again
  • Restart the device using the settings >system >system restart and wait for a while until the errors resolve
  • Always place your streaming device close to the router so that the signal strength will not be interrupted
  • Resetting your router will help to get rid of wireless network connection errors
  • You have executed all the steps and if the errors still remain you can replace the Roku streaming device with a new one

It’s time to select the Roku streaming device and use it to stream the programs or collections that are on demand

Check out the reviews, select the best software and go forward with the instructions to complete software download


To know more about the steps to update Roku streaming device software suggest you to read the guidelines available on our web page Roku customer support phone number

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